“I’ve just turned 40, eager to take my career to a next level, but quite intimidated by the risks that go along with it. How should I think about ‘risk’ at this stage of my economic curve?”

2014-08bRisk – at any stage of our careers – is more a function of behaviour than circumstance.  It increases or diminishes as a result of your approach to life, less so as a consequence of chance.  Great personal risk managers aren’t simply great gamblers; they are people who approach life intelligently, pragmatically, and unforcefully.

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“I’m 38 years old, very successful at what I do, but in some way still ‘in search of my passion’. Where and how far should I allow this pursuit to take me?”

2014-07Passion does not always need to equate to a light-bulb moment, a narrowly-defined activity, or a distinctive field of interest.  You wouldn’t be successful at 38 if you hadn’t practised some form of passion in the build-up to this point of your career.  Instead of only wrestling with the question of ‘where or what’ your passion is, give yourself the space to contemplate the following few questions instead:

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“We all crave (and work ourselves to a standstill for) the mythical compensations of affluence. What are the limitations of wealth?”

2014-02The inadequacies of wealth are related to the hands that hold it and expectations that misjudge its reach.

A first point: Purchasing power is a privilege and affords us choice, but people instinctively tend to imagine wealth as a door to an ever-increasing cycle of pleasure and carefreeness.  The truth is that the effect of acquirable delights peaks sooner than we imagine.

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