“I am 33 years old and earn a good income as professional in the financial services industry. I want to secure a comfortable retirement at age 60. Any guiding principles?”

The fact that you sincerely ask the question at 33 is the most important starting point in securing your family’s financial freedom.  You’ll be surprised how many talented people from your peer group argue that ‘earning a lot of money’ is in itself a ticket to retirement, or how many of them simply ignore the question.

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“I have been appointed in a management position after working as a specialist in my professional field for the first 7 years of my career. Any leadership tips for a novice!?”

Big move, expanding your circle of concern from ‘getting a job done’ to ‘achieving numerous goals through others’!

Great leaders are essentially good at one thing; aligning the individual aspirations of people with the vision of their organisation. Your primary challenge as leader will therefore be to consistently eliminate any form of serious disconnect between the goals of individuals and the goals of the business, and so unify energy.

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“My business is 18 months old and actually starting to look and feel like a real business. What would your guidance be in terms of seeing it through its next phase?”

First, well done; you have actually completed one of the most difficult phases of a business.  That is converting a basic idea into a real revenue stream.  And, of course, backing yourself by breaking with your previous life, undertaking risk, and mobilising the resources to finance it.  Most business plans never reach this stage and remain idling jets at the start of the runway, never taking off because of "fear of risk".

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“What is your view on the future of the white male in the South African workspace?”

It’s a question you can approach from various boetie-maak-vir-baba-bang South African angles. I prefer the perspective of simple economic realism.  

Indications are that South Africa’s annual economic growth rate has found its sweet spot between 4.5% and 5.5%, for the time being in any case.  This is a rate of economic expansion that is roughly three times higher than the growth trend of some 12 years ago.   

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