The ‘Regarding your Life’ programme

RML bookWhat is the programme about?

The Regarding your Life programme is a life mentorship journey designed for young professionals who are serious about living remarkable lives. The programme explores the essence of personal happiness and sustainable success – and how to live in harmony with yourself and the world.

The purpose of the programme is to help well-intentioned individuals make better decisions.  And to create a respectful, mature and intellectually responsible ‘pause’, in which talented people can investigate, validate or adjust their decision-making pattern, question their habits, and interactively learn from like-minded individuals.

The programme has been designed by Louis Fourie and his son Niel, who specialise in life guidance to young professionals and emerging business leaders in South Africa.  The programme has its roots in Louis’ own life-time experience and observations as economist, financial advisor and businessman – and his and Niel’s extensive research in the field of human wellness.

How does it work in practice?

The programme takes the form of eight full-day sessions, spread over a year, typically attended by a group of around five to eight people from the same company, professional sphere or social domain.  These groups emerge from individuals who enrol in their private capacity, or are nominated by companies who utilise the programme as part of their senior leadership development curriculum.

Each of the eight days have been structured around a specific topic, and augmented by relevant research and insights with respect to the elements of an optimal life.  This material acts as the agenda for the conversation the group conducts on that day.

Louis does all the interactive work himself and therefore only takes a limited number of groups for the programme every year.  Along the journey, Louis meets with the participants individually as well – and makes himself available for personal interaction as and when the need may arise.

Is it for me?

The nature of the programme is best suited for professional people or business owners in the age group late-20s to mid-40s, who are serious about the quality of their lives.  This is the phase of your life where we make decisions with huge long-term consequences – and the content of the programme is tailored to address the complexity of these life-stage decisions.

Many people and institutions attend to our development in the first twenty-five odd years of our lives.  Attending to the rest is our own private responsibility – and it’s not simply a ‘more-of-the-same’ recipe.  It requires rich self-examination and a different quality of awareness. 

What is covered in the programme?

The programme contains an investigation of themes such as:

  • The life-cycle challenges of a talented person
  • The effect of parenting styles
  • Harnessing sustainable change
  • The difference between Happiness and Success
  • Productive thinking – a perspective on Consciousness
  • Accountability and managing circumstances
  • The power of full engagement
  • The practice of gratitude
  • The power of simplicity
  • A life of functional relationships
  • Investing in yourself and preserving your wellness
  • Effective work; being outcome centred
  • The art and importance of planning
  • Running optimal days; effective energy/time management
  • Cost-benefit sensitivity
  • Respecting the impact of detail
  • Building skill and the choice to specialise
  • Leading and collaboration
  • Spicing your life with joyfulness
  • Respecting lessons and preventing setbacks
  • Rediscovering the power of stillness
  • Systemising for effectiveness
  • A business built on scarcity value and a clear value intent
  • Resilience and persistence
  • A beneficial personal financial disposition
  • An altruistic mind-set; giving what currency cannot buy
  • Optimism – why living on the bright side should be more than a mood
  • The ultimate personal gift to hold onto – functional freedom

What makes this programme different to similar interventions?

It offers an intimate, respectful ambiance in which mid-life challenges are dissected in an intellectually responsible way.

It creates a mature atmosphere in which a talented person can investigate, validate or adjust her or his decision-making pattern, and interactively learn from like-minded individuals.

It focuses on the constants in an individual’s life – the ageless, universal laws of life management.

There are no time-consuming course work, uncomfortable disclosures or standard assessments involved – the whole point of the programme is to create space for fear-free, sophisticated and private introspection.

It is a rational, clear-headed approach to real-life challenges – not a ‘feel-better’ offering of temporary significance.

What are the outcomes the programme aims for?

A fresh perspective on the important elements of a wholesome life experience.

Guidance in eliminating the classic conflict between happiness and success.

Providing a mental map for maturing intelligently and elegantly into the second half of adulthood.

An overhaul of some of the thought patterns that come such a long way with us.

Becoming aware of our own dominant role in the quality of our lives.

What do I do if I am interested in enrolling as individual, find out about the cost of the programme, or consider signing up a group of people from my company for the programme?

Mail Louis Fourie directly, at louis(at) to clarify enrolment detail and/or set up an exploratory discussion.

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