Cultivating My Happiness

Happiness is the ability to be in harmony with yourself and the life you choose to live.

We live in a culture that teaches us to be successful, but neglects to wisely guide us in the cultivation of our happiness. We are trained how to do well, but so many struggle just to be wellIt is the contradiction of our time.

Happiness is a particular way of existence. It is about being calm, content, settled and rooted, while pursuing your goals. It is not about living a perfect life. It is a matter of prioritising the ingredients of peaceful living – and accepting that it takes hard work to integrate these priorities into your everyday life.

CULTIVATING MY HAPPINESS gives you an overview of the practical terms of joyful living. If you are willing to commit to a realistic effort in support of inner harmony, you will find this book valuable.


Navigating My Success

Navigating my Success 2014 bookSuccess is an obtainable competency.  It is a pattern that can be applied in all areas of your life.  It has a specific rhythm to it.

NAVIGATING MY SUCCESS encourages you to view success as a formula.  It reminds you that success needn’t be a singular expedition, but that you can choose to live a life of many successes.

The book highlights the elements that are integral to practising success, whatever the nature of the pursuit.  It offers you a practical frame of reference in support of the various achievements you are aiming for.

NAVIGATING MY SUCCESS was published in 2014 and is widely used as a hand-out with corporate course material.


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