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Louis Fourie is an independent advisor and well-known in the field of life guidance and personal mentorship to professional people and business leaders in South Africa.

Louis holds a Masters degree in Economics and a Diploma in Higher Education from the then RAU (University of Johannesburg).  He spent the first 10 years of his professional career practising as an economist in the South African financial industry.  Louis was one of the first winners of South Africa’s Economist of the Year award.  Besides being a contributing writer to a number of national economic publications over the years, he is the co-author of books on personal finances, the wellness of South Africa, personal happiness, and the practice of success. 

In 1994, Louis left his professional career as economist to co-found Citadel, a business specialising in financial planning and wealth management for affluent individuals in South Africa.  He was executive chairman of Citadel for 12 years, and the executive chairman of Citadel’s JSE-listed parent company, Peregrine, until his retirement from the wealth management industry at the end of 2006. Under his guidance, both these businesses became niche market leaders in the field of wealth and asset management in South Africa.

In January 2007, Louis and his son Niel founded The Logic Filter, an independent advisory business through which they offer a life mentorship program to a number of professional people every year.

The Regarding your Life program, as it is known, assists talented people who are in the fast-lane of their lives, to rethink their pattern of decision-making – and script a sustainable blueprint of personal happiness and enduring success, going forward.  The program forms part of the senior leadership development curriculum of a number of leading South African companies.     

Louis facilitates the group sessions of the Regarding your Life program and presents widely on the topic of personal success, and Niel is in charge of product composition, publication of material, multi-media integration and the research & development side of The Logic Filter. Both Niel and Louis are known for their down-to-earth style, unpretentious analytical abilities, and their comprehensible manner of probing the basics of national, business and personal success.

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Progress depends on both conformity and creativity.  I would therefore refrain from viewing my management responsibility as the nemesis of creativity.  Allow them to co-exist.  The world is a better place because of both; procedures and standards – and improving on them through novel ideas.  Consistency and originality need to live in harmony with each other if we want to make reliable headway. 

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