“Is pessimism a chronic condition?”

Gloominess can definitely become an enduring attitude.  Any behaviour, when worked on hard enough, becomes engrained.  Some people choose to work very hard on bleakness – and consequently mould themselves into world-class pessimists.

Pessimists mentally design a future speckled with hopelessness.  While busy creating this treacherous model of tomorrow, they double down on the effort by turning the past into a tale of misery as well.  Their script brims with victims and perpetrators.

Pessimists also nurture an all-or-nothing mindset; a thought process that defines anything not deemed perfect, as failure.  They are masterful at creating barriers to solutions.

Finally, pessimists nourish their despondency with over-generalisations, lumping life’s twists and turns under descriptors such as ‘Always’, ‘Never’ or ‘Forever’.  They are competent at turning a single event into never-ending evidence of defeat.

We are presented with a myriad of choices in our lives.  One crucial one is to choose our approach to the experience of living: You can frame the journey as a path of suffering, or you can choose to live your life as a buoyant participant.  In other words, you can choose to focus on the doughnut, or spend most of your energy on the fact that it has an empty middle.  Both are real, but only one has potential.