The Logic Filter is a private, independent business, founded by
Louis and Niel Fourie in 2007.

Its core offering is life mentorship to young professional people.   

Its flagship product is the Regarding your Life program, which consists of eight full-day sessions, spread over a year, typically attended by a group of around five to seven people from the same company, professional sphere or social domain. 

The Regarding your Life program forms a central part of the executive management development process in many leading South African companies, and is used by many independent young entrepreneurs and professionals as a self-investment intervention.


“Are things really so bad in South Africa as the impression created by the general media?”

2014-12No.  South Africa has its challenges, but so has every country, even developed ones.

Our successes and qualities are unfortunately obscured by one-dimensional press coverage.  With the exception of a handful of intelligent and enlightening journalistic contributions, South Africa’s general media has become famous for dwelling on monotonous social narratives and extreme appraisals of reality.

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“Is it a good idea to financially incentivise my children to do well in their school exams?”

2014-09We know you mean well, but there are three caveats to this approach in encouraging performance.

Firstly, there is a danger that such a form of acknowledgement gradually erodes a child’s intrinsic motivation to achieve good results.  An exam should be a personal challenge with a very private connection between effort and reward – not an endeavour driven by external compensation.

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“I’ve just turned 40, eager to take my career to a next level, but quite intimidated by the risks that go along with it. How should I think about ‘risk’ at this stage of my economic curve?”

2014-08bRisk – at any stage of our careers – is more a function of behaviour than circumstance.  It increases or diminishes as a result of your approach to life, less so as a consequence of chance.  Great personal risk managers aren’t simply great gamblers; they are people who approach life intelligently, pragmatically, and unforcefully.

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“I’m 38 years old, very successful at what I do, but in some way still ‘in search of my passion’. Where and how far should I allow this pursuit to take me?”

2014-07Passion does not always need to equate to a light-bulb moment, a narrowly-defined activity, or a distinctive field of interest.  You wouldn’t be successful at 38 if you hadn’t practised some form of passion in the build-up to this point of your career.  Instead of only wrestling with the question of ‘where or what’ your passion is, give yourself the space to contemplate the following few questions instead:

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