The Logic Filter
is a private, independent business, founded by

Louis and Niel Fourie in 2007.

It offers life mentorship to professional people and personal guidance to business leaders.   

Its flagship product is the Regarding your Life programme.  The programme consists of a series of full-day conversations, spread over a year, designed to cover the themes inherent to a happy, successful life.

The Regarding your Life programme forms a central part of the executive management development process in many leading South African companies, and is used by many independent young entrepreneurs and professionals as a self-investment intervention.

For enquiries about the programme, mail louis(at)


“How do I refine the quality of my personal conversations?”

Conversing is like driving: We all want to think we’re better at it than most people, but most of us fall prey to common mistakes. The good news is that it’s absolutely possible to improve. Being a good conversationalist isn’t some magical gift that only a few are born with, but – like writing or public peaking – something that relies mainly on skills you can acquire and develop.

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“How do I create service excellence in my business?”

An exceptional client experience rests on three pillars:

The first: A special person behind the ‘service counter’.

Clients are moved by someone who really cares. By someone with energy, who truly wants to make a difference. Not because of an incentive – but because of what he stands for. Someone who is present and engaged, and takes pride in her job.

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“A new year”

Welcome to the good fortune of being presented with the opportunity of living in another year.  We trust that you are entering the scene with ambition and energy – cognisant that good living is creation more than it is chance.    Every year is like a drawer stuffed with balls of colourful wool; bright yarn brimming with potential and begging for artistic hands.  You are the weaver – charged with the privilege of turning the raw material into beautiful tapestry.  Read the rest…

“My management style is more strategic. How big is the failing in not being a detail person?”

Many talented individuals are big-picture people.  It’s a great asset to be visionary and to have strategic flair.  It inspires people and gives momentum to an idea. Both magic and misery, however, will often be found in getting the specifics right or wrong. The impact of the apparent minuscule is vital in any design. Execution shines when the specifics are in place. It’s easy to call detail tedious or boring, but the fact of the matter is that any whole is made up of these important, yet often invisible parts.  Great products and experiences – Apple, Disney, Ferrari, Amazon – succeed because of their investment in the ‘small things’.  Read the rest…