The Logic Filter
is a private, independent business, founded by

Louis and Niel Fourie in 2007.

It offers life mentorship to professional people and personal guidance to business leaders.   

Its flagship product is the Regarding your Life program, a series of full-day conversations, spread over a year, designed to optimally accommodate a group of around five to eight people from the same company, professional sphere or social domain. 

The Regarding your Life program forms a central part of the executive management development process in many leading South African companies, and is used by many independent young entrepreneurs and professionals as a self-investment intervention.


“How do I decomplicate my life?”

Get clarity on what is really important – and what should be abolished. Carefully weigh your options, but shorten your menu. Let go of muchness.      

Simplicity is about serving ‘the crucial few’ things.  It is alright to say No. Reprioritise and re-evaluate what you’ve come to accept as routine.

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“I have a good life, but it sometimes feels as if the hustle and bustle coming with success is robbing me of my freedom. How do I get rid of this air of confinement?”

2016-07Many talented people experience this sensation of incarceration. And it is easy to find the culprits in your external circumstances and to blame some of the role players in your busy life. But the main offender is probably hiding on the inside; in a constricted approach to life, which denies you the sense of external freedom you long for.

Most people agree that true freedom does not await us in the abstention of responsibilities and an escape from the essential rules of life. We live in a real world.

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“What are your initial take-aways from the Brexit debacle?”

2016-06bDemocracy is a great model – but should be practised with proper care.  Ironically, it was the iconic UK politician Winston Churchill who once said that the best argument against a democracy is a five minute discussion with the average voter.  The wisdom of crowds unfortunately falters when confronted with complex problems.  A referendum is a dangerously crude – even reckless – mechanism to deal with a multifaceted issue such as EU membership. 

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“When does persistence cross over into stupidity?”

2016-03Persistence is a mark of character.  But there is a thin line between productive perseverance and flogging a dead horse.

Tenacity tends to become hurtful when it is based on an artificial quest.  If your pursuit is an imitation of someone else’s journey, you may end up slaving away without making reliable progress.

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“How would you explain integrity?”

Integrity is doing what is right, consistently so, without anyone instructing you to do so.  It is a pattern of decision-making anchored by fundamental truths.  It is a unique practice of maturity.

We build integrity by deliberately honing a conscience that is stronger than our primitive urge to be selfish and also overrides our innate impulse to earn social validation.  It deepens its roots every time you choose modesty over vanity – in every act when you remove yourself from ‘the centre of the universe’.  To attend to your character in this way takes commitment.

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Remarkable South Africa; A portfolio of under-celebrated assets

2015-10-30Extract from a talk by Louis Fourie

I am a proud South African.  I love my country.  No ifs or buts.

South Africa was only good to me.  She was kind to my family.  Her opportunities afforded me success in business, wonderful lessons, diverse friendships and unique experiences.  I have travelled far and wide, and always longed to come back to the land of my soul, never pondered any alternative.

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“Is it asocial to love silence?”

2014-06_compl1No, it is actually a virtue to afford yourself the sanctity of privacy.

Your most important insights emerge when you grant yourself reflective space. Your best work awaits you in private silence. Your biggest discoveries emerge after extended periods of uninterrupted concentration and fermentation. Your sense of calmness is rooted in your ability to socially detach on a regular basis.

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