The Logic Filter is a private, independent business, founded by
Louis and Niel Fourie in 2007.

Its core offering is life mentorship to young professional people.   

Its flagship product is the Regarding your Life program, which consists of eight full-day sessions, spread over a year, typically attended by a group of around five to seven people from the same company, professional sphere or social domain. 

The Regarding your Life program forms a central part of the executive management development process in many leading South African companies, and is used by many independent young entrepreneurs and professionals as a self-investment intervention.


“We all crave (and work ourselves to a standstill for) the mythical compensations of affluence. What are the limitations of wealth?”

2014-02The inadequacies of wealth are related to the hands that hold it and expectations that misjudge its reach.

A first point: Purchasing power is a privilege and affords us choice, but people instinctively tend to imagine wealth as a door to an ever-increasing cycle of pleasure and carefreeness.  The truth is that the effect of acquirable delights peaks sooner than we imagine.

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51-year old CEO: “Most of my personal wealth is tied up, directly and through incentives, in the shares of the company I run. On paper I am financially independent, but it’s all still on paper. I have the option of increasing my exposure. Should I gear up one last time – or go against the tide and start cashing out?”

2014-01cYou are blessed, being afforded financial independence at your age.  But you are behind with your cash-out strategy.  You have to seize the moment.  Your first responsibility is to preserve an ample amount of wealth and diversify it away from your business venture.  It’s not disloyal or unambitious; it’s responsible. 

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“I sometimes behave in ways that I don’t like. Is it possible to change one’s personality?”

2013-10bThe answer is yes.  But if we were you, we would approach the challenge by asking three less intimidating questions: 

‘Which pattern of response in my life do I want to change?

Don’t taint your whole personality.  Be clear about the recurring elements of your behaviour that you want to adjust.  Be as specific as possible.  When you get to this answer, ask yourself how you think before you behave in this way.  You never act without first thinking.  Habitual emotions and behaviours are always preceded by a well-oiled pattern of ‘giving meaning’ to stimuli. 

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“How do I teach my children the concept of gratitude?”

2013-09A good starting point is to fully understand what you want to teach them.

Most people interpret gratitude as an occasional declaration of indebtedness – and practice it as a fitting religious custom or act of social politeness.  To teach a child to exercise gratitude in this way has its place, and is up to our own discretion and subject to the nuances of your culture.

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“I am on the verge of entering a business partnership with someone. I’ve burnt my fingers once before. What are the things that cause partnerships to fail?”

2013-08Collaboration is a vital ingredient in any success story.  However, a partnership that doesn’t work out can become a very costly affair.

We can offer you seven hints to ensure that your partnership is based on a solid foundation.  First and foremost, a partnership has the potential to become a burden if the partners’ values differ.  Both of you may agree on ”what” you want to achieve through the alliance, but when you differ fundamentally on ”how” or ”why” you want to accomplish it, the table is set for constant friction.

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