24 Habits of Financial Freedom

'24 Habits of Financial Freedom' book image

Very few things have such a big influence on your life as the habits you commit to.

This book is a summary, for young and old, of the behaviours that let you live in harmony with money.  It is for people who are willing to see financial freedom as a style of living, rather than an imaginary level of wealth.

24 HABITS OF FINANCIAL FREEDOM is a conversation; reflective comments and personal tips for a ‘money-friendly’ life.  It is a journal, not a textbook, with ample space to capture your own thoughts about the financial path you choose to travel.


Notes To Myself

'Notes To Myself' book image

Deep insight often awaits us in a captivating image or a simple idea.

This book consists of an array of practical notes on the art of living – against the backdrop of colourful photographs from the author’s portfolio.

NOTES TO MYSELF is a dense source of reminders and belongs on the corner of every thoughtful person’s desk.  It is an ideal gift to a special friend or client. 


Cultivating My Happiness

'Cultivating My Happiness' book image

Happiness is the ability to live in harmony with yourself and life.

This book challenges the contradiction of our time.  We live in a culture that teaches us to be successful, but so many struggle just to be well.

CULTIVATING MY HAPPINESS offers a rundown of the practical terms of joyful living. It is meant for anyone who is willing to commit to a realistic effort in support of inner harmony.


Navigating My Success

'Navigating My Success' book image

Success is an obtainable competency.

This book encourages you to view success as a formula – to apply whatever the nature of the pursuit – instead of a singular expedition.

NAVIGATING MY SUCCESS presents a practical frame of reference in support of the various achievements you are aiming for – and is widely used as a hand-out with corporate course material.



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